Man Shot In Stomach By Friend After Surprise Prank Goes Wrong

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Jonathan Snyder Contributor
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A Miami man was shot and gravely wounded after attempting to prank his friend on a fishing trip, according to reports.

“A 31-year-old Miami man was shot in the stomach at the Channel 5 Bridge and airlifted to a Miami hospital Sunday evening,” local police said Tuesday.

The victim, Adam Antony Navarro, hid himself in the woods and altered his clothing so he would not be recognized, according to the Miami Herald

“Sometime at approximately 5:30 a.m., the victim decided to change his clothes slightly and jump from the woods,” the police statement continues. (RELATED: Marine Guard Hospitalized After Accidental Shooting Outside USMC Commandant Home)

After fishing, the shooter was walking to his car when he was shocked by Navarro jumping out at him. The shooter grabbed his 9mm handgun, shooting Navarro in the stomach before realizing his mistake, according to the statement.

Authorities were contacted and a nearby hospital sent a Trauma Star Air Ambulance to the scene.

The helicopter landed on the bridge, picked up the wounded victim and delivered him to Jackson South Medical Center for immediate medical care. (RELATED: Suspect In Fatal Portland Shooting Has Pending Gun Charges, Expressed Support For Antifa)

“Whether or not charges will be filed remains part of the ongoing investigation,” police stated, but the incident currently appears to be unintentional.

The shooter’s name has not currently been released by police.