REPORT: Capitol Police Investigating Maryland Rep Who Tried To Bring Gun Into House Chamber

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

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Capitol Police are investigating a report that Republican Maryland Rep. Andy Harris tried Thursday to bring a gun into the House Chamber and was stopped by the new metal detectors.

HuffPost reporter Matt Fuller said on Twitter that he saw Harris set off the metal detectors when trying to enter the House Chamber. An officer then motioned towards his own firearm and refused to let Harris in, according to the HuffPost report. (RELATED: Maryland Congressman Says He Did Not Almost Get Into A Fight With Democratic Colleague)

Capitol Police said that they are investigating the incident, NBC News reported.

The police also confirmed to the HuffPost that Harris was carrying a gun, according to the report.

After he was denied entry, Harris reportedly approached Republican New York Rep. John Katko and asked him to take something from him. Katko reportedly refused, telling Harris that he doesn’t have a license.

Harris also reportedly complained that he had asked his staff to remind him of the extra security measures. The representative then left the House Chamber and returned 10 minutes later. He put his keys and cell phone to the side, did not set off the metal detectors and was allowed to enter. (RELATED: DC Police Chief Wants To Talk With Newly Elected Rep. Lauren Boebert About Plans To Carry A Gun To Work)

Increased security measures were put in place around the Capitol after rioters stormed the Capitol building Jan. 6. The riot left five people dead, including a Capitol Police officer. Photos showed extensive damage to the Capitol following the riot.

Some representatives, including Harris, refused to go through the metal detectors or be screened with a wand when they returned Jan. 12 to vote, the HuffPost reported. Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that she would fine members $5,000 for their first time bypassing the security measures and $10,000 for their second offense, but those rules are not yet in effect.

A Capitol Police spokesperson told the Daily Caller that the department cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.