‘A Woke Wolf In Centrist Clothing’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden’s ‘Uplifting Message Is A Fricking Lie’

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld lamented President Joe Biden’s treatment by the media since his inauguration and said Biden is going to “hurt the Democratic party” by “doing exactly what the media wants.”

On Friday’s broadcast of “The Five” Gutfeld criticized the media and Biden by comparing the coverage of President Donald Trump to Biden’s coverage. (RELATED: ‘This Is A Red-Pilled America’: Greg Gutfeld Unloads On Media’s Mob Double Standard)

“You have a media that is embracing a warmonger, but reviled the peacenik, which is Trump. Trump is a pacifist because he’s greedy about blood and treasure. So he didn’t want any wars. But you see this progressive, liberal press fawning over a warmonger who just sent troops to Syria! So the war machine is back in business,” Gutfeld said.

“It begs the comparison, you are seeing the next phase in media reportage,” Gutfeld continued. “The next phase where the media writes about the media under Trump, as though they are looking back at a war, like they were the war correspondents who were up all night. Not because soldiers were dying, but because of the tweets. Oh, the tweets! And Trump lying about his crowd size. Thank God he’s gone! I would much rather have the warmonger!”

Gutfeld appeared to be referring to the deployment of troops to Syria in 2015 by the Obama/Biden administration to aid in the fight against ISIS amid the Syrian Civil War.

Gutfeld said that Biden’s approval rating at the start of his presidency is lower than Trump’s was at the same point. He attributed this to recent rhetoric about race and domestic terrorism following the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 saying that you can’t unify a country if you call half of it “domestic terrorists or racist.”

“You have an American public who now realize that this uplifting message is a fricking lie. He is a woke wolf in centrist clothing. They saw his divisiveness emerge. They saw his centrism evaporate. That’s why there’s a contrast between how America is responding to Joe as opposed to the media, versus Trump,” Gutfeld added.

“Trump understood his audience and said screw you, media. Biden is doing the complete reverse. He’s saying screw you, America, with the pipeline, with Syria, and he is doing exactly what the media wants. That is the reversal that is going to really, really hurt the Democratic Party.”