Save Nearly 30% On This Bolt Action Waterproof Pen

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Sometimes, an important thought hits you so hard, you just have to write it down, whether you’re sitting in bed at home or taking a walk on your favorite hiking trail. And believe it or not, leaning into this urge is actually good for you, as writing things down promotes a healthy process of emotion, a higher level of thinking, and helps you stay committed to your goals, according to

Whether you’re a list-maker or simply like to jot things down to remember things, none of it matters unless you have a good pen on hand. And since regular pens can leak in your pocket and run out of ink when you need them most, ensuring you’re always ready to write comes down to this handy little gizmo by KeySmart.

The KeySmart™ Tactiv Bolt Action Waterproof Pen is a remarkable device that enables you to write whenever, wherever, thanks to its pressurized cartridge filled with Rite-In-The-Rain® ink. Unlike typical ink you’re used to writing with, this type of ink lets you write in any direction, even upside down, and in extreme temperatures as low as -30°F and as high as 250°F.

Another thing that sets this thing apart from other pens? The fact that it never leaves you fumbling with a cap. Instead, when the mood strikes and you’re ready to write, simply push, turn, and release the clip to trigger the pen point. And thanks to its rugged grip, holding onto the pen is super easy and comfortable.

Not only does the KeySmart™ Tactiv Bolt Action Waterproof Pen make it so you can write in pretty much any condition, but it also saves you money in the long run. Thanks to its strong aircraft-grade aluminum make and stainless steel pocket clip, this pen is incredibly durable, leaving the days of buying expensive pen packs that will quickly get thrown away in the past.

For a limited time, you can snag the KeySmart™ Tactiv Bolt Action Waterproof Pen for just $40 bucks — that’s nearly 30% off its regular price!

Price subject to change. 


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