Geraldo Rivera: Biden ‘Wants To Get Along’ But Is ‘Governing From The Left’

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Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera said Sunday that President Joe Biden “wants to get along” but nevertheless is “governing from the left.”

After an inauguration speech that called for unity, Biden quickly signed a series of executive orders that rolled back many of the policies set by former President Donald Trump on energy, the environment, and immigration.

“Does unity for Joe Biden mean more about manners?” asked “Fox & Friends” weekend co-anchor Will Cain, who argued that the president’s policies so far “don’t look like moderate, centrist, or a unifying factor.”


“I think Joe Biden wants to get along,” Rivera noted. “But … I do believe that he’s going to govern and is governing from the left.”

“Those executive orders going back to the Paris Climate Accord and some of the other international deals that President Trump pulled us out of, by embracing with his executive orders voluminous — remember how criticized Trump was when he used the executive order — but I think that Joe Biden is declaring himself as a left-of-center rather than a centrist president,” he continued.

Rivera predicted that any unity Congress is currently experiencing will “dissolve instantly” once the Senate impeachment trail begins. (RELATED: Economist Art Laffer Argues Against Biden Push For $15 Minimum Wage: ‘Extremely Damaging To The Poor’)

“This is a sure recipe for divisiveness in this country, for ideological warfare,” said Rivera. “It’s gonna be absolutely dreadful and for absolutely no reason since President Trump is already out of office.”