Mitt Romney: Some Biden Actions Leading To ‘Anger And Division’

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Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney suggested that some of President Joe Biden’s actions so far while in office are leading to “anger and division” during a Sunday morning appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

While Biden’s inauguration speech called for unity, he has since signed several executive orders that have rolled back many of the policies set by former President Donald Trump on the environment, energy, and immigration.

Romney pointed to the cancellation of a permit critical to the Keystone Pipeline making the thousands of workers who have consequently lost their jobs “understandably angry.” (RELATED: Utah Tribe Calls Biden’s Order On New Oil Drilling A ‘Direct Attack’ On Its Economy)


“I think it would be unrealistic to assume that Democrats and Republicans are going to see eye to eye on every issue,” Romney said. “There are going to be differences of opinion, that’s expected.”

The Utah senator, a frequent critic of Trump’s style and methods, said that while Biden “wants to see” civility, some actions the president is taking “are going to lead to some anger and division.”

“I think for instance saying we’re not going to allow further leases on government land for oil and gas, that obviously very badly hurts some of our rural communities, stopping the keystone pipeline, that puts a lot of people out of work, those people are going to be understandably angry,” he said. “So I think you’ve got to be pretty careful even recognizing the bounds of disagreement, to not do things that incite a great deal of unnecessary anger.” (RELATED: Geraldo Rivera: Biden ‘Wants To Get Along’ But Is ‘Governing From The Left’)

Romney went on to express his concern about the “pretty shocking” size of Biden’s proposed COVID relief bill.