‘Concerned For My Personal Safety’: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Blasts Man In The Face With Pepper Spray

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Phillip Nieto Contributor
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UPDATE: Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprayed an unmasked man with a video camera after dining with the city’s former Mayor Sam Adams at a local pub Sunday night.

The confrontation occurred as Wheeler and Adams left the McMenamins Hillsdale Brewery & Public House at approximately 9 p.m.

“I clearly informed him that he needed to back off. He did not do so I informed him that I was carrying pepper spray and that I would use it if he did not back off,” Wheeler told police, according to a copy of the police report first obtained by The Oregonian. “He remained at close distance, I pulled out my pepper spray, and I sprayed him in the eyes.”

“I can’t believe you just pepper-sprayed me,” the man allegedly responded, according to Wheeler’s account in the report. Before leaving the scene, Wheeler threw a bottle of water towards the individual so that he could wash his eyes out.

Earlier Monday, Wheeler revealed that he contacted the police after an unspecified “incident” over the weekend.

He made the revelation during a Monday press conference after reporter Alex Zielinski asked the mayor to confirm if he pepper-sprayed an individual Sunday night, according to The Oregonian.

“If there is, there will be a statement later,” Wheeler responded. “I can tell you there was an incident. I filed a police report. And that’s all I can tell you right now.”

This month, Wheeler was allegedly assaulted during a confrontation with a group of left-wing activists while dining at a cafe in NorthWest Portland. After Wheeler told the group to leave, one unnamed individual started swatting and made “physical contact with him,” a member of the Mayor’s office confirmed to The Daily Caller. (RELATED: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Hit During Violent Confrontation)

At the time, Wheeler declined to pursue any charges.


Following Monday’s press conference, Wheeler’s office released a statement on the incident.

“Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler filed a police report relating to an incident that occurred Sunday evening. The mayor is cooperating with the police investigation and encourages others involved to do the same,” the statement read, according to KOIN 6 News.

For months, Portland has been gripped by ongoing riots from left-wing extremists following George Floyd’s death. Wheeler has faced criticism from Republicans for his response to the violence.

At the beginning of the year, Wheeler announced his efforts to de-escalate and compromise at demonstrations have not worked and that it was time to ramp up law enforcement’s capabilities after rioters attacked Portland’s federal courthouse on New Year’s Eve.