Bankruptcy Judge Approves Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Misconduct Settlement

(Photo by DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images)

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A bankruptcy judge approved disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct settlement.

The settlement plan resolves most of the claims made by women against Weinstein, according to an article published Monday by The Hollywood Reporter. The plan includes a $17 million sexual misconduct claims fund that will be divided up using a point system, the outlet reported. It also includes another $8.4 million for bankruptcy claims that don’t have anything to do with sexual assault claims, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bankruptcy judge Mary F. Walrath agreed with the plan. (RELATED: Harvey Weinstein Hit With New Sexual Assault Charges In Los Angeles)

“I will not get into an analysis of whether one victim’s claim has more validity or more value than another’s,” Walrath said. “Every victim of Harvey Weinstein was victimized and deserves to have a say into the plan confirmation. If they choose not to release Mr. Weinstein, they have the right to have a jury trial. … Eighty-three percent of the victims have expressed very loudly that they want closure through acceptance of this plan.”

Last month, 40 women voted to accept the settlement deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Weinstein’s lawyer Imran Ansari called the settlement the most “realistic recovery” for women who have made claims against the former producer.

“While there are those who continue to rail against the settlement, that the court found acceptable today, the practical reality is that outside the settlement the plaintiffs face an uncertain financial recovery, with The Weinstein Company bankrupt, and Mr. Weinstein, who denies the claims against him, with a current and future financial state that is far from healthy,” Ansari said. “Those yelling loudly seem to ignore, for whatever reason, that many parties have wanted this settlement to succeed, importantly, it is not just the Weinstein defendants, but the plaintiffs themselves, who likely recognize that it is the only route to a realistic recovery.”

Weinstein is currently serving his 23-year prison sentence after he was convicted of rape in the third degree and committing a criminal sexual act in the first degree back in February. As previously reported, the jury decided to acquit Weinstein on the charges of rape in the first degree and predatory sexual assault at the time.

Weinstein now faces more sexual assault charges in Los Angeles.