REPORT: Donald Trump’s Hollywood Salary Makes Drastic Decrease Right Before He Leaves Office

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Time)

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Former President Donald Trump’s Hollywood salary has made a dramatic decrease as he leaves the presidential office, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Trump’s Hollywood salary saw the biggest decrease during his final year in office, according to Trump’s financial disclosure forms filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics on Jan. 15, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Former President Donald Trump saw his Hollywood and publishing income fall dramatically during his final year in officehttps://t.co/6wv9fs6jHc

Trump has continued to receive a significant amount of money from his days in Hollywood even while he was president, the outlet reported. Trump received a pension from the Screen Actors Guild and a pension from the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists. Along with his pensions, Trump received residual payments from his appearances in shows such as “The Little Rascals,” “Home Alone 2” and “The Apprentice.” (RELATED: Trump Donates Quarter 4 Salary To HHS To Help Fight Coronavirus)

Trump reportedly received seven figures from his production company every year that he was in office besides this past year, the outlet reported. In 2018, Trump earned $2 million from “The Apprentice,” but only made $1.6 million in 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In 2o20, Trump only brought home $275,000, the outlet reported.

Trump’s payment from “The Little Rascals” was $1,000 in 2019, but was less than $200 in 2020.

Meanwhile, both of his pensions from SAG-AFTRA rose in 2020. Trump is now facing a possible expulsion from SAG-AFTRA, however it will not affect his pension, the outlet reported.