‘I’ll Die Fighting For It’: Meghan McCain Says No To Leaving The Republican Party


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Tuesday that she had no plans to leave the Republican Party amid turmoil over former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment.

McCain said on ABC’s “The View” that despite being in the minority and believing the Trump should face impeachment for his supporters’ attack o the Capitol, being a Republican was still a fundamental part of who she was. (RELATED: ‘I Was Lied To’: Meghan McCain Lashes Out At Biden, Fauci And Amazon Over COVID Hypocrisy)


Cohost Whoopi Goldberg began by asking McCain whether she saw a place for herself in a party with people who still believed the election had been stolen. “When you look at this, do you see yourself finding a place to be in this party or do you feel like it might be time really to find a different party?”

“I’ll die fighting for it,” McCain replied. “I mean, I’m a life long conservative, unlike a lot of these heretics, I mean, I was born into this. Raised into it. It’s my whole entire life. Truly at the bottom of my soul, I think as all of you know, I believe in the principles that I was raised on.”

McCain went on to say that while she did not excuse those who bought into conspiracy theories, it was “hard to reconcile” the language being used by some like Katie Couric, which suggested that anyone who voted for Trump was “irredeemable.” (RELATED: ‘They Can Go To Hell’: Meghan McCain Says She Doesn’t Need To Be ‘Deprogrammed’ Because She’s Conservative)

“That angered me and pissed me off maybe more than anything anyone on the left has said the past few years,” McCain continued. “Because the implication is, all people who are Trump supporters, or who are conservatives are automatically brought into the Marjorie Taylor Greenes, or the guy with the horns on the floor of the Congress.”

McCain added that she was having a hard time getting her finger back on the pulse of the party because she wasn’t aligned with a lot of them on Trump’s second impeachment.

“Right now, I can’t defend this. I believe Donald Trump should be impeached. I believe we have to take a stand and have a fine line about what is acceptable for a president do or not. He incited a riot. People got violent. People died. Full stop,” she said.

“I think we have to start looking about what’s going to happen going forward in the future. As much as Trump expanded the coalition, he didn’t do it enough to bring in full wins. We lost the Senate, we lost the Congress, we lost the presidency. And if people think that the MAGA train is the only train to go forward, I think they’re ill-advised. I also think people who think that the whole coalition of Trump supporters are irredeemable and garbage and have no place in the party, I think they’re wrong as well,” McCain concluded, adding that while she fully intended to continue defending conservative values on the show, “I cannot defend people who are against impeachment. I believe it’s the right thing to do.”