‘She’ll Eat Him For Breakfast’: Joy Behar Warns Matt Gaetz To ‘Watch’ Himself Around Liz Cheney

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar warned Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz to “watch” himself around fellow Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.

Behar said on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The View” that Americans would remember people like Gaetz — who opposed President Donald Trump’s second impeachment — as well as any senators who failed to vote to convict him. (RELATED: Joy Behar Insists That Melania Must Either Be A ‘Co-Conspirator’ Or Terrified Of Trump)


Behar showed a video compilation of some of the chaos during the January 6 riot at the Capitol, showing protesters talking about how they were on their way to “take the Capitol.”

“That anybody in the Senate could look at that, could look at the facts, and not say that he’s guilty, I do not really understand what country I’m living in,” Behar said. “And you know what, these people who are not going to vote for a conviction will be remembered. We will remember them. Because if they let him go without any kind of accountability, Trump, this will happen again. It will happen again. We’ll remember those names of the senators and the House people who decided not to convict this guy, because the blood is on their hands then.”

Behar then pivoted to note that the House Impeachment Managers had delivered the article to the “scene of the crime” on Monday, adding, “Those people who were receiving those papers, these people, they were all at risk that day and they know it, even those who are going to vote to acquit this guy. They know they were at risk.”

Behar concluded with a warning to Gaetz, who has been a vocal critic of Cheney over her support for the impeachment.

“As far as Matt Gaetz and Liz Cheney is concerned, the daughter of Dick Cheney, she’ll eat him for breakfast,” Behar said. “Matt, you better watch yourself.”