Nashville Locals Have A Message For People Moving From California And New York

Lisa Bennatan Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan strolled the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, hearing what Nashville locals had to say to the many people moving there from states like New York and California.

“Don’t vote for the things that caused you to leave in the first place,” one man said.

Many asked that newcomers respect and embrace their culture.

“As locals, the culture that we have here, we would really like to retain that,” another man said.

“What we are afraid to see is what happens in other cities that are mid-size and growing is that they tend to shift the culture and expect it to become what they are,” he elaborated. (RELATED: REPORT: Rich People Are Leaving New York City And Taking $34 Billion With Them)

One man asked that new residents support local businesses. “The more I’ve seen people come here, the more I’ve seen companies like Starbucks, Publix, larger companies, starting to add more locations here,” he explained.


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