A Pack Of Camels Play In The Snow Following Winter Storm In Denver

(Photo:Facebook/Screenshot/Public-User: Denver Zoo)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A pack of camels were seen playing and running around in the snow after the latest winter storm hit Denver, Colorado.

In the fun clip shared Tuesday on Facebook by the Denver Zoo, we see a couple of Bactrian camels named Hagrid, Sprout and Padme having a good time while running and frolicking in the freezing temperatures. The post was noted by ABC News in a piece shared Wednesday on Twitter. (RELATED: Watch This Herd Of Cows Help Police Take Down A Car Thief Suspect [VIDEO])

“As Bactrian camels, equipped for the harsh winters of Mongolia, these guys can survive temperatures as cold as – 30°F,” the zoo’s FB post read. “Today’s expected 16°F is nothing for them! (RELATED: Watch: Great White Shark Surprises Australia Cops [VIDEO])


“See Hagrid and Sprout in action in our latest Wild Milestones, in partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado,” the post added, while noting that due to the extreme winter weather the zoo was closed to the public.

In Tuscon, Arizona at the Reid Park Zoo the snowfall on Tuesday was a welcome visitor for a bunch of elephants.

Check it out!

“Snow day!” the zoo captioned its post, along with clip of the giant animals. “Most of the animals stayed cozy in their heated night houses during today’s flurry, but the elephant herd chose to stay out and play!”

“Penzi took the snowflakes as a cue to play in the stream and slip and slide in the mud,” the post added. “Even her older sister, Nandi, could not resist a roll in the mud on a snowy day!”