REPORT: Man Dead After Guest Pulls Trigger On Gun He Thought Was Empty, Shoots Through Wall And TV

(Screenshot/ABC 13 News)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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A 48-year-old man was shot late Tuesday night in Harris County, Texas, after his houseguest discharged a firearm, killing him.

Gerald Peavy was asleep next to his wife in his Laurel Creek home when a stray bullet accidentally discharged by a houseguest struck and killed him, according to ABC13.

His wife was reportedly uninjured.

Harris County Sheriff’s Officer Captain John Shannon provided an update via Twitter.

Their 50-year-old guest Norez Hargrove discharged the family gun when they were asleep. (RELATED: More Than 80 Gunshots Fired At The Home Of Indianapolis Colts Assistant Parks Frazier)

“Homicide Investigators interviewed Norez Hargrove, who was visiting the family. Hargrove stated he located a firearm inside the residence after the family went to bed. He assumed the firearm was not loaded, pulled the trigger, and the firearm discharged,” stated HCSO officials in a later press release.

The bullet penetrated the living room wall, went through the bedroom TV and struck the homeowner while he was in bed with his wife, reported The Houston Chronicle.