Panthers’ Matt Rhule Gives NFL Hopefuls Great Speech About Being ‘Coachable’ During Senior Bowl Practice

(Photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Public-User:Phil Orban)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The Carolina Panthers’ head coach Matt Rhule gave NFL hopefuls an incredible speech about being “coachable” during practice at Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

“If every play you’re perfect, then we don’t need to be at this game,” Ruhle shared with the senior college players in a tweet posted Wednesday by WSOC-TV reporter Phil Orban.  (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“You should be coached on every play,” he added. “I hope you respect the fact that the coaching staff is trying to coach you on every play. A lot of coaching staffs might’ve could’ve come out here and say ‘man lets just evaluate these players.'” (RELATED: NFL To Honor Front-Line Workers And ‘Inspire’ Others To Get Vaccinated During Super Bowl)


“We’re trying to coach you,” Rhule continued. “Get all of that out of your system. I don’t know if your college coach was nice to you or something, I don’t care.”

The Panthers coach went on and called for the players to “freaking work at each other” because the “harder” they get coached, “the more we have to coach.”

“You’ll get better,” Matt added. “We got nine on seven, punt and then team. That’s all we got left. Let’s try and take this up a notch.”

“Some of you guys are tired from one on ones, I get it, but team is team,” he added. “Nine on seven is nine on seven. Let’s have a little physicality, stay off the ground. Everyone on the same page.”

There have been a lot of great sports speeches as we have noted in the past. This one might not rank up there with Coach Herb Brooks’ “Miracle” speech or the one Detroit Lions’ new head coach Dan Campbell gave about the team’s identity after recently getting the gig, but it is fair to say these players won’t soon forget it.