‘How Dare You!’: Leo Terrell Demands Evidence When Geraldo Rivera Blames Trump For Capitol Riot

(Screenshot/Fox News)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell demanded evidence when Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera blamed the Jan. 6 Capitol riot on former President Donald Trump.

Terrell and Rivera joined anchors Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer on “America’s Newsroom” to discuss Trump’s upcoming second impeachment trial, and the discussion got heated as Rivera made it clear that he blamed the riot at the Capitol on Trump. (RELATED: Leo Terrell Blasts Kamala Harris For Failing To Visit Ambushed Police Officers)


Rivera began by noting that 45 Senate Republicans had already voted against holding a trial at all, saying that it was unconstitutional to hold an impeachment trial for a someone who no longer held office.

“What the Senate has to do which is — a joint bipartisan resolution to censure Donald Trump. Let’s censure him. Let’s say what you did was unacceptable. You incited that,” Rivera said, adding, “We know that you’re not gonna be convicted on impeachment. We censor you. You can run for office later if you care to, if the people want you to. Let’s have a remedy for what happened.”

“Come on … How dare you blame Donald Trump for that!” Terrell shot back. “We have a rule of law. We have due process. For you to come on and say he was responsible is wrong. You should not say that and you should apologize to President Trump for that statement. You have no facts to justify that.”

“President Trump needs to apologize to us,” Rivera pushed back.

“No. You’re wrong,” Terrell replied, going on to demand that Rivera provide evidence, the exact statements, which had definitively incited the riot at the Capitol.

“I will ask you right now on TV. Tell me the words, the magic words he used to incite those criminals. Tell me the magic words right now,” Terrell said.

Rivera argued that Trump had been inciting people for weeks leading up to Jan. 6, adding,  “What in the hell did you think the crowd was gonna do when they got to the Capitol? What were they gonna do?”

“That’s speculation,” Terrell objected.

Hemmer then drew the segment to a close, saying that the Senate would be taking up that exact argument when Trump’s impeachment trial began in February.