Portland Protesters Burn Dumpster, Throw Rocks At Authorities

Adam Burnett Contributor
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A crowd of protesters torched a dumpster and threw rocks at federal police officers outside of an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building in Portland Wednesday night, according to video from the scene. 

Video from the incident shows demonstrators clashing with officials outside an ICE facility. A dumpster was set aflame and was being pushed towards the building, seemingly in an attempt to catch the facility on fire. Officers decked out in riot gear were stationed in the area to prevent any attempts at destruction.

As demonstrators approached the agents, they responded with tear gas and non-lethal pepper balls to quell the protesters. The footage also managed to capture a large explosion right next to the dumpster, assumedly caused by the protesters throwing fireworks. (RELATED: Portland Rioters Attack Federal Courthouse With Molotovs On New Year’s Eve)

Portland police officers showed up later and put out the fire, according to police spokeswoman Officer Melissa Newhard. 

““We showed up to create a safe space for the fire department to come in and put out the fire,” Newhard said in a statement to the New York Post. “After that, we left the area and [federal agents]went outside again and started taking on projectiles.” (RELATED: Portland Rioters Hurl ‘Incendiary Device’ At ICE Building, Pelt Officers With Rocks, Police Say)

Newhard also said that the protesters were throwing rocks at federal officers as well, in an effort to injure them. 

This is just the latest instance of rioting in Portland, as such protests have continued on since the summer.