REPORT: 4-Year-Old Wanders Outside, Brings Wild Deer Back Home As A Friend

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John Ruane Contributor
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While a family was coming to the end of a vacation at a cabin in the Virginia woods earlier this week, their 4-year-old son wandered into the woods and returned with a baby deer by his side, WRIC reported.

Stephanie Brown said they were packing to leave Virginia’s Massanutten Resort when she heard her son, Dominic, wiping his boots on the door mat, when she looked out the window shocked to see the little boy on the porch with a baby deer by his side, WRIC reported.

“Dominic really went outside and brought a deer back,” she wrote under her Facebook post.  “So I turn my head and there it is,” she told WRIC 8News. “It’s like a little baby deer, and him. Like, it wasn’t anything strange for him. It was really weird. I couldn’t even tell you, I was in shock.”

Upon seeing the unbelievable sight, Mrs. Brown froze as it looked like the deer was ready to come inside.  She quickly grabbed her phone and took two photos without scaring the baby deer away, the Miami Herald reported. She then posted the images on Tuesday and has received 12,000 reactions and 22,000 shares. (RELATED: Beloved Deer Named ‘Carrot’ Shows Up With An Arrow Through His Head, Totally Fine)

“After I got the picture I asked Dominic to walk his new friend back to the woods so his mommy could find him,” she told WWBT 6News. “I never in my wildest dreams thought that picture would blow up the way it did. I found it funny and shared it.”