‘We Are Being Targeted, Small Businesses Like Mine’: California Small Business Forced To Close Its Doors

Daily Caller

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura spoke with small business owner Jenelle Prieto, 33, of Le Reve Beauty Spa in Lancaster, California, approximately 60 miles north of Los Angeles.

Prieto worked at Bank of America for 10 years and saved her money to open a business of her own.

Prieto opened Le Reve Beauty Spa only two years ago, but on Feb. 13 she will be forced to close her doors. Prieto can’t keep her business in operation due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Little Hoover Commission, a state oversight agency, has released a report showing 30% of small businesses in California remained closed in November and “thousands” shut down permanently. (RELATED : Takeout Only | How California Elites Crushed LA’s Local Restaurants)

“We are being targeted, small businesses like mine,” said Prieto. “I tried to hold on for the past 11 months. I tried, but I just can’t.” Prieto had five employees before the pandemic but was forced to lay off her staff in November as the lockdown continued with no end in sight.

“The landlord still expects us to the pay the rent but we can’t open the business up,” said Prieto. “Newsom won’t let us open, but we can buy at Walmart, we can at Target.”



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