‘What Genocide?’: Pro-China Politician Uses Uighur Actress To Deny Atrocities

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Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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A Hong Kong politician known for her pro-China views used the popularity of a Uighur actress to deny that China is conducting a genocide.

Regina Ip Lau Suk Yee tweeted, “One of the hottest stars in China is Dilraba Dilmurat, and she is not the only Xinjiang success story. What genocide?” (RELATED: REPORT: Twitter Locks China’s US Embassy Out Of Twitter After Post Touting Birth Rate Decline Among Uighurs)

Twitter did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment on whether or not the tweet violates the site’s rule against “references to mass murder, violent events, or specific means of violence where protected groups have been the primary targets or victims.”

Ip sits on Hong Kong’s Executive and Legislative councils, according to Taiwan News. She has also called for the arrest and prosecution of two members of the Danish parliament for helping a Hong Kong politician gain asylum in the United Kingdom, The Standard reported. Ip published an op-ed in the New York Times in October 2020 in which she argued that pro-democracy protests “have done great harm to the city by going against its constitutional order and stirring up chaos and disaffection toward our motherland.”

Dilraba Dilmurat first rose to prominence in 2017 after starring in the movie “Pretty Li Hui Zhen,” according to The Star. She is of Uyghur descent and was born in Xinjiang, according to Film Daily. Dilmurat was ranked eleventh on Forbes China’s Top 100 Celebrities list for 2020.

The Trump Administration declared China’s treatment of the Uighur minority group a genocide. President Joe Biden’s incoming Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has said he agrees with the assessment. China has forced Uighur women to undergo sterilization and abortions, and has placed men and women in “re-education camps” where they are indoctrinated into China’s political ideology and used as slave labor.