Meghan McCain: GameStop Stock Story ‘Is What Happens When The System Feels Rigged’


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain said GameStop stock story is “what happens when the system feels rigged” and said it’s like a “mirror to the world of everything that is wrong.”

“The GameStop stock story is like a mirror to the world of everything that is wrong,” the cohost of the ABC talk show “The View” tweeted Friday to her hundreds of thousands of followers. (RELATED: How A Rabble Of Anonymous Redditors Stuck A Thumb In Wall Street’s Eye)

“This is what happens when the system feels rigged and nothing seems to work anymore,” she added. “It’s what has fueled the rise of populism in America.” (RELATED: Everyone’s Laughing About GameStop, And Perhaps Justifiably So. But There’s A Flip Side To The Story)

“The story shouldn’t be dismissed because it is nuanced,” McCain continued.

As previously reported, a group of Reddit users managed to drive GameStop’s stock up more than 600 percent in one week, with its share price going from $43 on Jan. 21 to $330 less than a week later. The results left hedge funds facing financial ruin.

“The View” cohost allegedly first tweeted a comparison between the Capitol riot and GameStop stock story, before she allegedly deleted it.

Several followers claim to have taken screenshots of the tweet and have since posted them.

The alleged original tweet read, “The same thing that drove people to the Capitol is driving Redditors to buy GameStop. The system feels rigged. And the little guy is trying to take back power in anyway.”