What Do You Want Trump To Do Next?

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan and Caity McDuffee went to the streets if D.C. to ask people this question: What should President Trump do now that he is out of office?

“What do I want to see Donald Trump do? I don’t want to see him do anything, I want to see him be gone, disappear, just leave the landscape, that’s what I want,” one woman said.

Another person also said that she wants Trump to “disappear.’’ (RELATED Who Do New Yorkers Dislike More, Gov. Cuomo Or Mayor De Blasio?)

“I think he did what he came to do, I never wanted him to do it, so you know he’s gone, I’m happy. There is really nothing left for him to do. I sure hope he disappears,” another woman said.

Caity asked one man what he would say to the people who want Donald Trump to start his own media company or run in 2024.

“I would say, I would encourage them to get a passport and maybe think about other countries besides the United States,” the man answered.

Tune in to the full video to what people think Donald Trump should do next.


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