Biden’s Big City Elite Agenda Will Harm Poor And Rural People

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Joe Biden promised unity, both on the campaign trail and from the stage during his inauguration, but his agenda may take a lopsided toll on poorer Americans and those who live in more rural areas.

Through a series of 42 executive orders, Biden has already pushed through a number of agenda items, some of which catered to certain constituency groups but may be more damaging to others. (RELATED: Experts Say Biden’s Week One Climate Actions Are Already Killing Jobs)

The order that has received the most attention was the one that put an end to the Keystone XL Pipeline, which immediately terminated some 1000 jobs and eliminated 10,000 more planned jobs.

Biden’s special envoy on climate change, former Secretary of State John Kerry, responded to concerns about those lost jobs by suggesting that building solar panels or taking other green energy jobs would be a “better choice.” (RELATED: John Kerry: Fossil Fuel Workers Who Lose Their Jobs Will Have ‘Better Choice’ To Go Make Solar Panels)

Louisiana Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy argued that some of those jobs hadn’t yet materialized, and for people who had already lost jobs because of Biden’s agenda, the promise of a future job did nothing to pay the present bills.

Another executive order froze new permits for the natural gas extraction process known as fracking, a move which many viewed as a de facto ban that would ultimately undermine American energy independence.

In addition to the executive orders, Biden does plan to push some of his agenda through in upcoming legislation like his $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. Democrats have already suggested that legislation, which includes a federal minimum wage hike to $15 per hour, be pushed through without Republican support with the aid of budget reconciliation. (RELATED: ‘The Devil Is In The Details’: Bernie Sanders Defends ‘Reconciliation’ After Attacking GOP For Using It)

As Sen. Cassidy noted during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has predicted such a minimum wage hike would cost millions of jobs — and he also claimed that the Democrats had not reached out to Republicans to find a bipartisan solution, calling the “the beginning of the bad faith.”

A $15 minimum wage could also price small businesses out of the market, especially in rural areas where only larger corporations and chain stores would have the ability to absorb the added cost of labor. (RELATED: Corporations That Support The $15 Minimum Wage Can Afford It. Here’s Who Can’t)


Other Biden agenda items — such as his immigration policy that ends former President Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy and would provide a path to citizenship for many who are already in the country illegally — could make it more difficult particularly for Black Americans to get jobs.