Should Chicago Public School Teachers Go Back To School?

Lisa Bennatan Contributor
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The Chicago Teachers Union in Chicago, Illinois, recently defied reopening plans citing health and safety concerns.

The district was supposed to return for part-time in-person learning Feb. 1, instead, the union voted to continue teaching remotely. Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union continue to negotiate.

The Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan headed to the city to find out whether Chicagoans think their public school teachers should go back to in-person learning. (RELATED: Chicago Teachers Union Votes To Defy School Reopening Plans, Demands Vaccinations Before Returning To Classrooms)

“They’re the least ones that spread the disease and everything else so I think they should go back” one man said.

“In-person learning is the best way. Virtual learning, they are not learning anything, whatsoever,” he added.

Another woman disagreed.

“It’s not safe. Kids are little Petrie dishes. Not until we have some protection for the teachers too,” she said.

One Chicago public school teacher said she “felt torn” but thought that the right answer was to stay home.


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