Why Is Ja Rule On CNBC Talking About Gamestop?

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Bitlionaire Mindset https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASXsqlS0NGE)

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Rapper Ja Rule appeared on CNBC’s show Monday to discuss money, Gamestop and the stock market.

It’s unclear why anyone would trust or listen to Ja Rule, who has claimed he was scammed by Bill McFarland with the Fyre Festival ordeal, when it comes to money. However, CNBC thought he’d be a good guest.


“The stock market is a very fun place for young millennials,” Ja Rule said during the show. “They’re on there shaking things up a little bit, but I would advise people to be careful.”

Ja Rule urged millennials to “be careful” when buying, selling or trading stock. (RELATED: Everyone’s Laughing About Gamestop, And Perhaps Justifiably So. But There’s A Flip Side To The Story)

“There has been some people that have made money on those stocks, of course, but be very careful,” Ja Rule added. “There’s been a lot of people that’s also lost money on those stocks.”

Ja Rule probably sparked the interest of CNBC last week with his series of tweets about how the app Robinhood halted its users from buying Gamestop stock.

“Yo this is a f*cking CRIME what @RobinhoodApp is doing DO NOT SELL!!! HOLD THE LINE…WTF,” Ja Rule tweeted.

“They hedge fund guy shorted these stocks now we can’t buy them ppl start selling out of fear… we lose money they make money on the short… THIS IS A F–KING CRIME!!!” he added in a separate tweet.