Tahoe Blizzard Has This Family Shoveling Their Way Out

(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Connor McCrory Journalist
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The Heller family got trapped in their Tahoe cabin after forty inches of snow pilled up at their door Thursday morning, CBS Sacramento reported Monday.

With almost every window in the house being overly frosted with snow, Mary Heller along with her family decided it was time to start digging their way to safety. Kit, Mary’s Daughter, said “It felt like we were just closed in like in a little snow cave,” CBS Sacramento reported.

The Heller family spent the next 2 days armed with snow shovels and heavy snow jackets deicing their property, with it taking over 8-hours to just get outside, and 45 minutes to clear off their car.

“We still have more to do,” said Ms. Heller in an interview with CBS Sacramento. “You know you get a little bit excited when you see something different, but I was nervous too. I felt a little claustrophobic.” (RELATED: DC Struggling To Pay Credit Card Bills After Record Spending On Blizzard Cleanup)

After shoveling for countless hours, The Heller family skied through the streets to the local grocery store to stock up on food, according to ABC 7.