Zoo Offers To Name Cockroach Fed To Animals After Patrons’ Exes For Valentine’s Day

(RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP via Getty Images)

Jesse Stiller Contributor
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A Texas zoo is offering to name a cockroach after a patron’s ex-partner and feed it to a mammal in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The event, called “Cry Me A Cockroach,” is taking place at the San Antonio Zoo, where interested patrons who wish to pay $5 will be able to name a cockroach after their former partner and watch it be fed to a mammal for Valentine’s Day, WAPT reported on Monday.

“You will be able to symbolically name a cockroach after your ex, and we will serve it up as an enrichment treat to one of our animals for only $5.” The zoo’s page on the event said.

Patrons can also pay $25 for the option to have a frozen rat named after their partner and have it be fed to a reptile such as a snake, the page said. Patrons can also choose the “herbivore option” that would feed one of the zoo’s vegetarian animals. (RELATED: ‘The Fowl Have A Feast’: Key West, Florida, Prepares Legislation Against Chickens)

The proceeds will go to expanding the zoo’s jaguar habitat, which will include a connected overhead catwalk, WAPT reported.

Those who wish to participate do not need to be present at the zoo to watch the event, as the event will be streamed via Facebook Live, WAPT reported. They will also receive a certificate for them to share on social media, with the Zoo encouraging participants to share it with their ex-partners.

The registration Period ends on February 13 at 6p.m. for all interested patrons, WAPT reported.