Joe Biden, Jill Biden Pay Respects To Fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden left the White House late Tuesday evening to pay their respects to fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

The president and first lady approached the table, where a folded flag was placed in Sicknick’s  honor. Sicknick was granted the honor of lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda after he lost his life defending the Capitol from rioters Jan. 6. (RELATED: Psaki Says White House Is ‘Watching The Potential For Violence’ During Impeachment Defense)

Biden touched the table with his right hand before he and the first lady both placed their hands over their hearts.


CNN’s Don Lemon spoke with Dana Bash and Chris Cuomo as they watched the scene play out.

“Chris, Dana was talking about the empathy of Joe Biden before the president came in to the Capitol, this president also a very religious man,” Lemon said. “Walking up to the table, putting his right hand on the table, and then over his heart. And then visit — and then going over to look at some of the flowers and really shaking his head. And a collective sigh, I’m sure, across the country, of grief. A moment that made me tear up. I cannot believe where we are, but hopefully we’ll get beyond it to a much better place.”