This Multi-Tool Is Perfect For Your Outdoor Adventures

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Adventuring into the great outdoors might the best plan for everyone while we wait for movie theaters and indoor dining to reopen, so why not make sure you have the tools to keep your trek hassle-free?

If you are heading outside to the snow, the trails, or just planning your next summer excursion, this multi-tool is the best thing to take with you. What’s even better? You can get the BitzBlade 2.0 Multi-Tool for $33.99 (regular $99) with code VDAY2021.

Focus on the joys of camping or hiking without worrying about the nitty-gritty details with the BitzBlade 2.0 Multi-Tool. The multi-tool packs in a whopping 26 different features that can do everything from helping to keep you safe to make sure the party continues.

In an emergency, the BlitzBlade features a carbide tip that can be used as a window breaker. It also works as a bottle opener for when you need a cold one after you hit the trail. It also features an LED light, a box cutter, a prybar/hex wrench, and a knife blade to help you in whatever pinch you find yourself in.

The sleek design of the BlitzBlade EDC multi-tool makes it easier than ever to carry on all your adventures. The heavy-duty nylon tool pouch has a belt loop to help keep this multi-tool close to your hip for everyday use.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate multi-tool for all your adventures or emergencies. Get the BlitzBlade 2.0 Multi-Tool for $33.99 (regular $99) during this Valentine’s Day sale with the code VDAY2021.


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