MLB Star Andrelton Simmons Reveals He Opted Out Of Final Games Of 2020 Season Due To Depression, Suicidal Thoughts

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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Los Angeles Angels player Andrelton Simmons revealed he opted out of the final games of the 2020 MLB season due to depression and thoughts of suicide.

There were only five games left in the season when Simmons chose to opt out on Sept. 22, according to an article published Tuesday by the Orange County Register. The move happened after the MLB announced it would use a bubble to finish out the season amid the coronavirus pandemic. Simmons told the outlet about his decision in direct messages on Twitter.

“It was tough for me mentally to where the thought of suicide crossed my mind,” Simmons wrote, the outlet reported. “It was something I vowed a long time ago I would never consider again. I was fortunate to talk to a therapist, which helped me let go of those thoughts. At the end when a lot of people were still going through what most would think of as tough times, the idea of finishing the season in a bubble was too much for me to handle.” (RELATED: MLB Players Are Opting Out Of The 2020 Season Due To Coronavirus. Here’s The List)

Simmons told the outlet he was worried people would twist his story, but ultimately felt it was time to talk about it.

“Now seeing how more and more people are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicide I felt it might be time to share a little piece of my story,” Simmons wrote to the reporter. “I was afraid of people judging and people twisting my story.”

Simmons recently signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Twins worth $10.5 million.