‘Don’t Disparage Little Girls’: Brianna Keilar Chastises Guest For Calling Kevin McCarthy ‘A Little Girl’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s Brianna Keilar chastised one of her guests Thursday for saying that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had run away from his duties “like a little girl.”

Former House GOP investigative committee counsel Sophia Nelson argued that McCarthy should have done more to discipline freshman Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. (RELATED: ‘A Cautionary Tale’: Brianna Keilar Blames Dr. Birx For Failing To ‘Stand Up For Science’ When It Mattered)


“She talked about how she is a sinner and she has sought forgiveness, and far be it from us to get in the middle of that,” Keilar began. “She sought forgiveness from the Lord … and, look, that is for her to sort out. But the judgment day that she’s facing today is not before the Lord, it is before the House of Representatives.”

“Amen,” Nelson replied.

CNN analyst Gloria Borger weighed in as well, saying that what Greene really needed to do was state publicly that Qanon was destructive. “Qanon is lunacy, let’s hear that,” she said.

“She’s not going to say that,” Nelson said, turning to criticize McCarthy. “I’m not saying that the Democrats are bad. I’m saying that the spin here Kevin McCarthy started last night when he ran away like a little girl from his duties. And I probably shouldn’t have just said that. I’m going to get in trouble, but the reality is —”

“Don’t disparage little girls,” Keilar admonished her. “Do not disparage little girls.”

“You’re right, and I take that back. And I love little girls,” Nelson replied, going on to say that the Republican spin was likely to be that Greene had apologized and admitted to being a sinner and Democrats had not been willing to show forgiveness.

Nelson concluded that the tagline going forward needed to be “accountability before unity.”