Find Your Keys In Seconds With This Brilliant Key Finder

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Whether it’s in a dimly-lit parking garage or a giant lot in front of a supermarket, the things you do en-route to your car can make a huge difference in terms of safety. While there are lots of things to stay aware of while walking along to your vehicle, forgetting to have your keys ready in your hands can be detrimental, as those seconds rummaging through your purse for them gives attackers the perfect opportunity to strike by surprise.

In addition to keeping you safe, not having to rifle through your purse, backpack, or whatever else for your keys is more convenient than anything. And thanks to this innovative gadget, you can find your keys in mere seconds, just by giving your bag a little jostle!

The way the Googlite Handbag Key Finder works is easy. Upon shaking your purse, the device, which is attached to your keys, emits a bright blue strobe light, making you aware of them almost immediately. Not only does this help you find your keys buried in all your stuff, but it also is great for attracting attention if you ever find yourself in a sketchy situation, alone and in the dark.

Featured on the Today Show and Katie TV, this device continues to impress people all over the country, helping them to finally solve this small yet incredibly annoying problem. Just read some of the awesome things people have been saying about the Googlite Handbag Key Finder online!

.”..The light shines brightly, and I can find my keys in a jiffy.” – J. Grandma

“Lifesaver and great for elderly weak vision can see clearly in my purse anytime day or night I am getting another!” – Amazon user
“This light really does work. Drop your keys in your purse and stop having to dig around to find them. The light comes on blight and there at the bottom of your purse…your keys. Easily 5 Stars!” – C.J. Allen
Right now, you can snag your own Googlite Handbag Key Finder at 25% off, making it just $15 bucks!
Prices subject to change.

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