Married Couple Die Seconds Apart From COVID-19 Days After 50th Anniversary


Adam Barnes General Assignment Reporter
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An Arizona couple who were married for 50 years died seconds apart due to complications from COVID-19, a local ABC affiliate reported.

The family of Sally and Manny Montaño told ABC 15 the couple passed away Jan. 28, only 5 days after celebrating 50 years of marriage. Manny was 71 years old and his wife Sally was 68. They were holding hands near the time of death, the affiliate reported. (RELATED: Michigan Couple Married 50 Years Dies Seconds Apart After Contracting Coronavirus)

“We requested to have them in the same room and they had their beds close to each other. That kind of helped them a little. They said his vitals went up when he realized she was there,” the Montaños’ son Manuel told the affiliate.

The couple both had underlying health conditions and were hospitalized in early January, the affiliate reported. Both were on ventilators.


“It was the way they would’ve wanted it, and it just showed the depth of their love for one another,” said the Montaños’ daughter Debra.

The couple’s family described to ABC 15 the deep love the couple held for each other and detailed letter’s the couple shared.

“He wasn’t a talkative person, he didn’t say more than was necessary at any given time. So to see his heart on his sleeve like it was on those letters, it was very touching. It showed how deep he loved his family and how they were everything to him,” Debra said.

“It was amazing,” Manuel said. “They lived for each other.”