‘It’s Over!’: Joe Scarborough Comes Absolutely Unstuck About Kevin McCarthy’s Threat To Strip Democrats Of Committees


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough raved Friday against House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in reaction to McCarthy’s Thursday speech claiming Republicans have “a long list” of Democrats that could be kicked off of their committees for things they said prior to being elected to Congress.

During Friday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski played a clip of the speech McCarthy gave prior to the largely partisan House vote to remove Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her assignments on the Budget Committee and Education Committee. (RELATED: ‘I Actually Believe In The First Amendment’: Jim Jordan Says Ilhan Omar Shouldn’t Lose Committee Assignments)

“If people are held to what they are said prior to even being in this house, if majority party gets to decide who sits on what other committees, I hope you keep that standard. Because we have a long list you can work within your own,” McCarthy said in the clip.

“Do you have a long list, Kevin? Do you have a long list of a member of Congress calling for the assassination of Donald Trump? Do you have a list of a Republican member of Congress calling for the lynching of George W. Bush?” Scarborough asked. “Do you have in that Joe McCarthy list of yours that you are talking about, do you have a name of a Democrat, Joseph McCarthy, that called for the lynching of Secretary of State Colin Powell? Oh, wait a second. You know what? You don’t. You’re lying. You’re lying again.”

Scarborough was alluding to Greene’s past social media activity, where she liked Facebook posts calling for the execution of some members of Congress. He also mentioned former Republican Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who famously made a list of people he claimed were members of the Communist party working within the federal government.

Scarborough continued to get worked up, raising his voice and waving a stack of papers in the air, as he claimed that McCarthy didn’t have any list that remotely resembled what this “QAnon Republican lady” said. He then described more of the things Greene said in the past, including that “lasers” were being used by a prominent Jewish family to start forest fires for financial gain.

“What’s wrong with you, Kevin?” Scarborough said as he tossed his stack of papers into the air.

“Do you think we’re as stupid as you? Because I would love for you, go on the House floor today, Kevin, and give us the name of the Democrat who, before they were Democrat, called for your assassination, called for a bullet into your brain,” Scarborough ranted. “Give us the name, Joe McCarthy, or keep your mouth shut. We’re not that stupid. The four years of McCarthyism is over, all right? It’s over! So stop your lying to the American people!”