RNC CHAIR MCDANIEL: The RNC Is Holding Biden Accountable For Sweeping Executive Orders

US President Joe Biden arrives to speaks to staff of the US State Department during his first visit in Washington, DC, February 4, 2021. (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Ronna McDaniel Contributor
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Don’t say we weren’t warned.

It has been just over two weeks since Joe Biden became president, but already any lingering myths of “Joe Biden the moderate” have disappeared.

The Swamp is back running the show, with Biden wasting no time implementing the destructive, job-killing policies Republicans cautioned Americans about on the campaign trail.

While Biden might talk a good game about unity, actions speak louder than words, and instead of taking actions to unite Americans, Biden has done the exact opposite.

Take Biden’s Day One decision to revoke the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

With the stroke of a pen, hundreds of workers in Wisconsin found themselves laid off from their jobs. When all is said and done, cancelling the Keystone Pipeline will cost numerous Americans their jobs, including many good-paying, union jobs.

Blue-collar union workers used to be the bedrock of the Democrat Party’s base of support. Joe Biden and John Kerry’s message to those workers now losing their jobs? Find a new one.

Biden’s crusade to kill American jobs and end affordable energy prices doesn’t end with cancelling the Keystone pipeline.

Thanks to Biden, now “we’ll always have Paris,” because on Day One he reentered the United States into the Obama-era climate accord that punishes our energy producers while giving major polluters like China and India a free pass.

He did this even though the U.S. has been leading the entire world in curbing carbon emissions and some economists estimate rejoining the agreement will cost our country millions of jobs over the next decade.

Biden has made no bones about the fact he wanted to get rid of the oil and gas industry for good. Now combine his moratorium on new oil and gas leasing on federal lands with his orders canceling Keystone and rejoining the Paris Accords, and the result is a devastating assault on American energy.

While these executive actions may be cheered on by environmental activists here in America, they are also no doubt being celebrated in capitals like Moscow and Tehran.

Energy security is a matter of national security. By issuing orders that undermine the energy independence our country achieved for the first time under President Trump, Biden is making us more reliant on foreign sources of fuel and more vulnerable in the eyes of our enemies.

The list of ways Biden has governed from the far-left in the early days of his presidency extends further than just energy policy.

As much as Biden claims to listen to science, Biden could actually follow the science by pushing to get kids back in the classroom instead of siding with special interests treating our children’s education as a political football.

On this issue and others, from embracing amnesty for over 11 million illegal immigrants to sending taxpayer monies to organizations that perform abortions overseas, it is manifestly clear Joe Biden campaigned one way but now is governing in another.

Biden promised to be a uniter who would work with both Republicans and Democrats to achieve consensus. Instead he is ruling exclusively by executive orders on behalf of liberal elites and special interests.

The advent of Biden’s administration marks the return of not only failed far-left policies, but also of a mainstream media that will give him fawning treatment and almost universally favorable coverage.

Just as they did during the campaign, the fourth estate is still treating the 78-year old Biden with kid gloves. Except for a handful of reporters, the media has refused to press Biden on questions Americans would expect a fair and independent minded press to ask.

Questions like why does the Biden team continue to lie and say they are “starting from scratch” on a vaccine distribution plan, when our country vaccinated 1.5 million people on President Trump’s last day in office and Dr. Fauci himself has claimed Biden’s claims are untrue?

Or why did Biden say he had a plan to shut down the virus, only to now turn around and say there’s “nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic?”

While we know the mainstream media won’t hold Joe Biden accountable, we at the RNC will.

As we work to recapture our Republican House and Senate majorities over the next two years, the RNC is going to be laser-focused on responding in real time to policies that hurt the American people.

Our full-scale rapid response and research operation will expose the Biden White House for their extremism, and we will communicate directly with voters all across the country to make sure they recognize the discrepancies between what Biden and Democrats said they would do versus what they are actually doing.

Already there is a clear contrast between the policies the Biden administration is putting in place and those Republicans are fighting for – policies that create jobs, economic growth and expand opportunity for all.

It is a contrast the RNC is eager to share with the American people, and come November 2022, it’s going to be why Republicans will win back the House and Senate.

Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) has served as chair of the Republican National Committee since 2017.