Media Outlets That Cheered Celebrations Of Joe Biden’s Victory Clutch Pearls At Large Crowds In Tampa Bay After The Super Bowl

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Media outlets and personalities criticized the Super Bowl celebrations in the streets of Tampa after cheering on public celebrations of Biden’s presidential victory.

The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, VICE, The Independent along with media personalities spent Sunday night criticizing the people celebrating the Super Bowl win in the streets of Tampa Bay.

“You can enjoy the #SuperBowl without becoming a #coronavirus superspreader,” the Los Angeles Times tweeted ahead of the big game. “Health experts urge you to do so in a way that won’t risk your health or the health of loved ones.”

However, back in November the Los Angeles Times had a different tune during the street celebrations over Biden’s win. (RELATED: Members Of The Media Condemn Tom Brady For Not Wearing A Mask Before The Super Bowl)

“On Saturday, after news that Joe Biden had been declared president-elect, the nation’s capital transformed into an all-day celebration, stretching into night, that no barrier could block,” the outlet tweeted at the time.

The Washington Post also deemed the Super Bowl celebrations a potential “superspreader event” after writing a piece about the “sights and sounds” of Biden’s victory in November.

VICE claimed the “real winner” of Super Bowl LV could be COVID-19 in a tweet after giving coverage of the street celebrations regarding “Biden’s presidential victory- and Donald Trump’s loss.

The Independent characterized the Super Bowl celebrators as “wild” in a tweet Monday.

“Wild maskless Super Bowl celebrations in Covid variant hotspot spark superspreader fears,” the outlet wrote on Twitter alongside an article.

In November, the outlet wrote neutral coverage on the celebrations in the streets after Biden was elected president.

It wasn’t just media outlets criticizing Super Bowl celebrations, individual personalities partook in the hypocrisy as well.

CBS News anchor David Begnaud deemed the Super Bowl celebrations a “super spreader” event while sharing video of the street celebrations. On November 7, Begnaud tweeted the news that people were running to the streets to celebrate Biden’s win, but didn’t characterize that instance a “super spreader event.

Daily Beast editor Molly Jong-Fast claimed Florida was going to “kill us all” in a tweet shared Sunday night. During the Biden street celebrations the only she had to say is that she hoped Trump was seeing the crowds celebrating his loss.

Lastly, Huffpost wrote a piece highlighting the superspreader fears the Super Bowl celebrations sparked after publishing a piece containing “amazing photos” of the street celebrations following Biden’s victory.