‘Florida Is Going To Kill All Of Us’: Sunny Hostin Blasts Ron DeSantis After Super Bowl Partiers Ditch Masks


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin lashed out Monday at Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying, “Florida is going to kill all of us.”

Hostin blamed DeSantis for Florida’s “woefully inadequate” response to the coronavirus pandemic, suggesting on ABC’s “The View” that his move to lift restrictions could turn Sunday’s Super Bowl in Tampa Bay into a “super-spreader” event. (RELATED: ‘People In The Black Community Don’t Trust You’: Sunny Hostin Challenges Van Jones Over Support For Trump Policies)


Hostin began by saying that she intended to continue taking precautions, but that she had been concerned by the number of people who had ignored social distancing and mask guidelines during post-game parties in Tampa Bay.

“I got to tell you, in watching 22,000 fans in the stadium yesterday — most wearing masks, but then afterwards revelers running all around without masks — I just kept on thinking, super-spreader event, super-spreader event, super-spreader event,” Hostin said.

She went on to say that DeSantis had lifted restrictions, a move that she believed to be ill-advised.

“I thought, you know, Florida is going to kill all of us,” she continued, noting that wearing masks still appeared to be a political divide. “There should be no reason why Governor DeSantis has been so woefully inadequate in terms of protecting the people not only of Florida, but the people of the United States. Imagine all those — those people, those 14,500 ticket buyers who are going to fly back home to their community and infect other people. I thought it was despicable and disgusting.”