REPORT: Tom Brady Texted Tyrann Mathieu To Apologize For Verbal Altercations

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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Tom Brady reportedly texted Tyrann Mathieu an apology following their heated exchanges on the field during Super Bowl Sunday.

ESPN was read the contents of the text message where Brady apologized for losing his composure, according to a report published Monday. Brady and Mathieu went back and forth throughout the game with the quarterback even chasing down the safety at one point to say something in his face.

Brady reportedly called Mathieu the “ultimate competitor” and an “incredible leader, champion and class act” in his apology text, according to the outlet. Brady also expressed his desire to apologize to Mathieu in person, ESPN reported. (RELATED: Tyrann Mathieu Says Tom Brady Called Him Something He ‘Won’t Repeat’)

“I thought I played as hard as I can today,” Mathieu said after the game, according to Pro Football Talk. “Listen, Tom Brady’s a great quarterback. I never really saw that side of Tom Brady, to be honest. But whatever. No comment. it’s over with. I’m done with it.”

It’s unclear exactly what Brady said to Mathieu in the moment, but the Chiefs player wrote about it in a since-deleted tweet.

“He called me something I won’t repeat but yeah I’ll let all the media throw me under the bus as if I did something or said something to him… go back to my previous games against TB12 I showed him nothing but respect. Look at my interviews about him… I show grace,” Mathieu wrote in the tweet, according to Fox News.

He also accused Brady of targeting him in another since-deleted tweet.