‘It’s Not About Trump, It’s About You’: Greg Gutfeld Says Impeaching Trump Is A ‘Proxy For 75 Million Voters’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that Democrats were impeaching former President Donald Trump as a proxy for the millions of Americans who had voted to reelect him.

Gutfeld responded to the opening statements from Trump’s second impeachment trial, which was coming to a close as “The Five” began. (RELATED: ‘Didn’t You Write A Book About This?’: Greg Gutfeld Uses Juan Williams’ Book Against Him In Dispute Over Cancel Culture)


Gutfeld responded to those who said Trump’s defense attorneys had not made a great showing, saying that he didn’t believe that they needed to do so.

“There’s nothing here,” Gutfeld said, noting that the Democrats had omitted Trump’s call for “patriotic and peaceful protest” from their presentation and asking why they would omit that if they had such a strong case against the former president.

“Why did they leave that part out? If you’re so confident in your case, why deceive us? The truth should be on their side,” he said. “So like, what this is about is exactly what it was about last year, the three P’s: politics, punishment and publicity. Instead of focusing on the one P that matters and that’s pandemic, so what we’re going to see right now is a delay among the people that love us so much. The Democrats, they love America so much that they will actually put off so much hard work just to go after somebody they hate.”

Gutfeld went on to argue that the Democrats had essentially ignored violence when it was being perpetrated by their side, saying they “favor one mob over the other.”

“These people pretend that they are concerned about the abuse of power, they are impeaching a private citizen over speech, a citizen who is a proxy for 75 million voters. It’s not about Trump, it’s about you,” Gutfeld continued. “These are the same people, again, that ignored violence that was a physical proxy for their activist language and now they are participating in a circus with a predetermined outcome for failure as people die from COVID.”

Gutfeld concluded by saying that he didn’t buy the argument that Trump was undermining democracy when he questioned the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. “If you believe that’s true, then every anchor on MSNBC, every anchor on CNN and a few anchors on Fox News who also undermined democracy for four freaking years with the Russian hoax. They are guilty, too. Once you open the door, my friend, everybody is guilty,” he said.