Hundreds Of Silver Coins From The Time Of Christ Found In Ancient Jug

(Photo by Boaz Zissu/The Hebrew University via Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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Researchers have found hundreds of Roman coins from the time of Christ during archeological excavations in Turkey, according to a statement released from Pamukkale University.

The researchers found 651 silver coins in an ancient jug in the ancient city of Aizanoi, Turkey, CNN reported.  The coins, which were found back in 2019, date back to the time period in which Emperor Augustus ruled from 44 BC to 14 AD.

Elif Ozer, the head archeologist and a professor at Pamukkale University explained in the press release from the university that the coins were from “a very special and unique collection” which probably ended up being brought to the city of Aizanoi by a prominent soldier.  In addition, Ozer explained that among the coin collection, there were some coins that belonged to both Julius Caesar and Brutus. “These silver coins are a coin album of the last century of the Roman Republican era.”

“It is the most special silver coin find of recent times,” Ozer stated. (RELATED: Archeologists In Spain Discover Over 400 Tombs In Ancient Burial Site)

Most of the coins in the collection are believed to have been minted in Southern Italian mints, according to the press release.