MLB Players, Personnel To Wear Electronic Contact Tracers Due To Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

(Photo by Ezra Shaw /Getty Images)

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MLB players, staff and non-playing personnel will be required to wear electronic contact tracers and will be subject to discipline if the terms are violated.

The terms of the electronic tracers were agreed on by Major League Baseball and the players’ association, according to an article published Tuesday by the Associated Press.

“Every covered Individual must wear a Kinexon contact tracing device at all times while in club facilities and during club directed travel and while engaged in team activities, including group workouts and practices,” a manual obtained by the Associated Press said. “Repeated failure to wear the devices or repeated failure to return the devices to the Kinexon device docking station may be a basis for discipline.” (RELATED: REPORT: Biden Asks Major League Baseball Owners To Delay Start Of Season 1 Month)

If players or personnel break any of the league’s rules agreed upon “are subject to potential discipline, including but not limited to suspension or forfeiture of salary for days spent away from the club while in mandatory self-isolation or quarantine resulting from the violation,” the Associated Press reported.

Players will also be able to choose if they’d like to receive the coronavirus vaccine, the outlet reported.

“Vaccination for COVID-19 will be voluntary for all players. However, MLB and the MLBPA will strongly encourage players to undergo vaccination at the appropriate time,” the manual obtained by the Associated Press said.