‘A Personalized Power Like We Haven’t Seen’: ABC Reporter Says Trump Is A ‘Caesar’ And ‘Fuhrer’ To The Republican Party


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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ABC reporter Terry Moran said Wednesday that former President Donald Trump “has the Republican Party as a personalized power” and that it’s as if he is a “caesar” or “fuhrer” to the party.

Moran joined ABC’s special coverage of Trump’s impeachment trial and was introduced by host George Stephanopoulos to give his analysis on the House impeachment managers’ Wednesday arguments. (RELATED: ‘Trump Will Be Acquitted’: Former Impeachment Attorney Says ‘There Is A Substantial Defense’ To Be Presented)

“Whatever you think of this case, they’ve risen to the moment. This is an atrocity in our history, an atrocity against our democracy, and the care with which the Democratic House managers of this impeachment trial have come prepared, their argument is organized,” Moran said. “They’re ringing the notes of patriotism and the emotion of the attack itself, and surrounding that with what they hope is an evidentiary trail from Donald Trump to that attack. That is their challenge here.”

Trump’s impeachment trial began Tuesday and the House impeachment managers were first to begin their 16 hours of arguments Wednesday. In their presentation, they’ve sought to tie together the timeline of events at the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol with corresponding video evidence from various points of the riot.

Moran said that arguing against the constitutionality of the trial based on Trump no longer being in office is like “arguing with Brown v. Board of Education,” referencing a Supreme Court decision that has been in place for decades.

“One more thing, which is the way that Republicans just aren’t going to budge, whatever the nature of this argument, whatever the nature of the facts,” he continued. “Fight for Trump. Fight for Trump. Fight for Trump. Not fight for America.”
“He has the Republican party as a personalized power like we haven’t seen. It’s a cut deal, it’s a Caesar, it’s a Fuhrer. We don’t see that in this country. We do now,” Moran concluded, using titles of past authoritarian leaders of the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany.