Icy Road Conditions Lead To 100-Car Pileup Near Fort Worth, Fatalities Confirmed

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot CBSDFW

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Icy road conditions led to a reported 100-car pileup on a Texas highway early Thursday morning.

At least five fatalities have been confirmed, according to ABC 8. Somewhere between 75-100 cars were involved in the car crash including multiple 18-wheelers on I-35 near Fort Worth, CBS DFW reporter Jason McLaughlin reported.

Police confirmed that five people have died so far, and it is unclear how many people were injured, according to ABC 8. (RELATED: Man Snowed Into His Car For 10 Hours Without Heat Due To Negligent Snow Plow)

First responders have declared this incident a “mass casualty” event, according to the outlet.

The crash happened around 6 a.m. and the incident stretched for 1.5 miles, ABC 8 reported. At least 30 people were transferred for medical attention while many remained trapped inside their vehicles for hours, the outlet reported. People were still making it out of their cars around 8:30 a.m., according to ABC 8.

Police said freezing temperatures and sleet overnight caused icy conditions on the road, most likely led to the pileup, the outlet reported.