Joe Scarborough Flames Josh Hawley: Other Than Trump, He’s ‘Most Responsible For The Cop Killing’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough laid into Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley in a Thursday morning rant blaming him in part for the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

Scarborough said that other than former President Donald Trump, Hawley was the most responsible for the violence and chaos that rocked Capitol Hill and led to the deaths of four protesters and Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. (RELATED: ‘Beyond Grotesque’: Joe Scarborough Flames Fox News Over Newt Gingrich Claim That Democrats Want To ‘Exterminate’ Republicans)


Scarborough responded to reports that Republicans — including Hawley — had been tuning out the proceedings during former President Trump’s second impeachment trial. He went on to argue that Hawley was not fit to continue serving at the Capitol.

“You have people that are clearly unfit to serve in the United States Capitol, in the United States Senate. Of course, if you’re Josh Hawley, you actually are the person who led the insurrection,” Scarborough said. “You’re the person most responsible — other than Donald Trump — for that insurrection. You’re the person most responsible for a police officer being beaten to death. You’re the person most responsible for the cop killing, for the cop beating, for the abusing.”

Scarborough went on to criticize Hawley for then ignoring the evidence during the impeachment trial, saying, “And it is Josh Hawley yesterday, as they are showing images of the Vice President of the United States and his wife and his children in danger. Capitol Hill police officers being killed, being beaten, being abused. The Capitol of the United States being overrun by savages, by animals. You look at the people in that body cam footage, those were Trump terrorists.”

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell presented newly released body cam footage to the Senate on Wednesday that showed an officer being beaten by rioters.