‘We Need Our Lives Back’: California High School Students Protest Lockdowns

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Jorge Ventura Contributor
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High Students from Agoura High School in Southern California held a protest to demand returning to in-person learning.

California was the first state to issue a statewide stay-at-home order in March impacting six million public school students across the state. “Every new week I would hope things would go back to normal and every week that it didn’t I started to lose hope,” said one the student speakers. “Why is it that other schools, private schools down the street are open,” she adds.

The group of students and parents rallied at Chumash Park and heard speeches from students before walking over to the front of Agoura High School to protest. As the debate to reopen schools intensifies in California, protests to get back to school have happening all across the state.

In Northern California, students at Vacaville High School protested by doing their online work in the school parking lot. “We are ruining the lives of so many young people in such a critical times in our lives,” says Cooper, a senior from Agoura High School. “We are suffering.” (RELATED :The Reopen Schools Debate: California Teachers Vs. Gov. Gavin Newsom)

California Teachers Association says they don’t seek a return to in-person learning until all members are vaccinated.

Gov @GavinNewsom says insufficient supply of #COVID19 vaccine means getting public school kids back in person this school year remains “very unlikely,” saying “parents, millions of us, myself included” need to know that—though his kids go to private, and *are* back in person.

“Sitting on a computer screen distracted by phones and not being able to socialize is not a healthy effective way a for a child to get a proper education,” said a student speaker.”Please, we beg, open our schools,” she says to end to her speech. `


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