‘Cowards!’: Ana Navarro Says Republican Senators Will Be ‘Maligned In History’ If They Don’t Convict Trump


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro predicted Friday that Republican Senators would be “maligned in history” if they failed to convict former President Donald Trump.

Navarro joined ABC’s “The View” to discuss the case for Trump’s second impeachment, arguing that Republicans who ignored the video evidence presented by the Democratic House Impeachment Managers were “cowards.” (RELATED: ‘White Slavery’: Ana Navarro Says Kevin McCarthy Visiting Trump And ‘Kissing The Ring’ Looked Like Slave And Master)


“Look, it’s been very difficult to watch. It’s been very difficult to process,” Navarro began, saying that she believed the impeachment managers had done an excellent job presenting the case against Trump.

“There is evidence. There is video evidence. This is not hard to follow. I have been so upset at the dereliction of duty of so many Republican Senators,” Navarro continued, criticizing GOP Senators for not paying attention to the proceedings. “They are supposed to be impartial jurors. That’s their job right now, and there were something like 15 empty seats. There were people, you know, playing on their iPad. Then we heard that there’s three of them, Cruz, Hawley and Lindsey Graham meeting with the defense lawyers. That’s not what an impartial juror is supposed to do.”

Navarro went on to argue that if most people were shaken just watching the videos of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill, those who lived through it should want justice to be served more than anyone.

“We’re talking about here is we’re not talking about removing him. We’re not talking about sending Trump to jail. We’re not talking about taking away his property. This trial is about setting the record of history straight and setting a precedent and making sure that this does not happen again,” Navarro added. “So if they lived through what we just saw, if they just saw how close they came to being, you know, harmed, to being actually harmed, we saw them running. We saw them running in fear, these senators, and they’re still going to go and act like cult members and not vote to set the record straight for history?”

“They are going to be maligned in history,” Navarro concluded. “We will be studying this for decades, and people are going to know that they are cowards, cowards, cowards.”