‘Disgracefully Underrated’: Morning Joe Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing While Reporting On Cracker Barrel And Lost Rooster


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist couldn’t stop laughing during a Friday “Morning Joe” segment on a boy in Alabama who recovered his lost pet rooster that eventually turned into a discussion about Cracker Barrel and Krystal restaurants.

Scarborough began the segment by reading the headline about the rooster on and immediately started laughing.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen this headline or not, Willie, but a teen was reunited with his pet rooster lost at an Alabama Cracker Barrel after a Civil War reenactment. I mean, this headline from, I mean, this is what we call in the South ‘gracious plenty.’ I mean, they had me at lost rooster and Civil War reenactment,” Scarborough said.

“You throw in the fact it was lost at a Cracker Barrel, the rooster’s name is Peep, he actually was, according to its owner, very chill in these Civil War reenactments, even when tin cannons were blaring in the background. He said Peep was just chill. But anyway, the headline really says it all. A teen was reunited with his pet rooster lost at an Alabama Cracker Barrel after a Civil War reenactment. I got two words for you Willie. Do you know what they are? Roll tide. Just roll tide,” he continued.

Scarborough, a graduate of the University of Alabama, was referencing the school’s trademarked phrase, “roll tide,” used to cheer on its athletic teams, as well as the popular, southern-themed Cracker Barrel restaurant chain, headquartered in Tennessee. (RELATED: ‘Stop Reading QAnon Sites And Start Reading The Gospel’: Joe Scarborough Addresses Trump ‘Cult’ Members)

“Well, that could be two other words, War Eagle. We don’t know where he stands in that,” Geist responded, referring to the cheer used by Auburn University, Alabama’s in-state rival.

“How many times have we seen that story, Joe? I mean, again and again and again when we wake up. It feels like you’re on a treadmill sometimes, when every day you’re reporting on a young man who returned from a Civil War reenactment and lost his rooster in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel,” Geist continued jokingly.

He then pointed out that Cracker Barrel is “disgracefully underrated in the North.”

“First of all, yes, let’s talk about Cracker Barrel. Disgracefully underrated in the North. You could say the same about Krystal. Yankees don’t understand Krystal. I’m not going to even ask how many Krystal burgers you had after midnight in Nashville, Tennessee over four years,” Scarborough responded.

“Those sacks, yeah,” Geist said, laughing.

“I’d get 20 of them. They’re amazing. But yeah, Cracker Barrel, one of the great restaurant chains of all time. I understand, in San Francisco, you know, they got, you know, they got the French Laundry thing,” Scarborough continued. “But, you know, you want to bait that trap with Cracker Barrel, you’re going to get me every time. I mean, it’s just — it’s just amazing. But you are right, this story will be — I mean, I feel like I’m Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. I mean, this is an age old tale. Right?”

“Well, it’s exhausting, frankly, and it can be repetitive. But it’s our job to report the news, and again if a young man returning from a Civil War reenactment loses his pet rooster in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel, we’re going to be here to report it for you each and every morning,” Geist jokingly concluded.