‘She’s A Good Girl’: Border Collie Inherits $5 Million In Late Owner’s Will

This is not a picture of the border collie in the story. (Photo: MATTI BJORKMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Jesse Stiller Contributor
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A dog has inherited a multi-million dollar estate that was named to her in the will of her now-deceased owner.

Lulu, an 8-year-old border collie from Nashville, Tennessee, was left with a $5 million estate from her owner, businessman Bill Dorris, following his death late last year, NewsChannel5 in Nashville reported.

“$5,000,000 will be transferred to a trust to be formed upon my death for the care of my border collie Lulu,” the will said in part, according to WCSC5.

The will also said that the dog would remain in the care of his long-time friend, Martha Burton, according to NewsChannel5.  The funds would remain in the trust for “all the needs of Lulu.” (RELATED: Barking Dogs Reportedly Rescue Hikers From Avalanche)

“I don’t really know what to think about it to tell you the truth. He just really loved the dog.” Burton told NewsChannel5. She also stated that Dorris always left the dog for her to take care of when he was away on business trips.

The trust is reportedly being handled by a conservator who will reimburse Burton for the expenses of taking care of Lulu following approval, NewsChannel5 reported.

The estate is currently in probate and is being verified for its true worth, Fox29 in San Antonio reported, but close friends with Dorris said that he had vast investments and holdings.

“Yes, she’s a good girl.” Burton told NewsChannel5 about the dog. It is also unclear as to who will receive the money should the dog pass away.