Police Search For Man Who Stole Girlfriend’s Old Engagement Ring To Propose To Another Girlfriend

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Police in Florida are searching for a man who stole an engagement ring and wedding bands from one girlfriend and then used them to propose to another girlfriend, a police statement said.

Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies issued an arrest warrant for Joseph Davis, 48, who is suspected of stealing the engagement ring and wedding bands from his girlfriend. One girlfriend knows him as “Joe Brown,” while the other knows him as “Marcus Brown,” the police statement said. Police have not determined his whereabouts as of Friday.

Earlier in the year, Davis’ girlfriend in Orange City approached police and told them that she discovered her boyfriend was engaged to someone else. While searching Davis’ fiancée’s Facebook page, she saw a picture of the woman wearing an engagement ring and wedding band that looked like her own from a previous marriage, according to police. (RELATED: WaPo’s Restaurant Review Inadvertently Outs Man Having Affair, Woman Says)

She checked her jewelry box to see if the rings were still there, and they were missing along with several other pieces of jewelry that had a value of approximately $6,270.

The victim confronted her boyfriend about the rings, and began talking to the fiancée. She was able to get some of her jewelry back.

Both of the relationships ended because of Davis’ infidelity, and the two women began to cooperate with detectives.

The fiancée said that Davis, who she knew as Joe Brown, had brought her to the other woman’s house while she was at work, and claimed it was his own. He had asked the fiancée to move in with him. The fiancée told detectives that she had packed her furniture and apartment and was ready to move in, until he told her the deal fell through, according to police.

After Brown moved out and disappeared, the fiancée reported a laptop and jewelry that were missing. 

Both women said they met Davis on OkCupid, a dating app, in 2015 and 2016, but he had not used his real name. Police were unable to track him until one of the women remembered the name and address of a relative Davis had, which led to his identification.

Davis has an active arrest warrant in Oregon for a hit and run crash, and was previously arrested for using a fake ID and domestic assault, among other offenses. A jail booking record noted that he has a tattoo that reads “Only God can judge me,” which both women said Davis had.