‘You Just Proved My Point’: Greg Gutfeld Spars With Juan Williams Over Incendiary Language

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams sparred Friday over the Senate impeachment trial and incendiary language used by both parties.

Gutfeld argued that former President Donald Trump’s defense team was wise to show examples of Democrats using the same kind of violent rhetoric that the Democratic House Managers argued Trump had used to incite the January 6 riot at the Capitol. (RELATED: ‘That Wasn’t Cool’: Jesse Watters Rebukes Juan Williams For Suggesting His Cohosts Stood With Capitol Mob)


Gutfeld began by saying that the whole trial was a waste of time, but that Trump’s attorneys were smart to show the full context of his comments during the unrest in Charlottesville.

“That undermined the entire story that Joe Biden had run his campaign on … it is so important that that got shown,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld went on to say the montage of Democrats using language much like Trump’s was important for people to see, arguing that it showed the response to such language was rooted in ideology rather than the actual words.

“Trump can use the same words as Democrats but he’s evil and they are not, that was the whole point of showing these words,” Gutfeld concluded. “The Republicans are always law and order, they condemn all mobs, all violence, all mayhem. Democrats use the protection of protest to defend their preferred mob. Hey, it’s mostly peaceful. Those things burning down, that’s rare. In a weird way, the Democrats have mob rights and no one else has mob rights, nor does anybody want them — and I think that’s what we learned today which is why today was meaningful, for me, anyway. It was good to see.”

“I must say, I think there’s a big difference between what we saw from Democrats’ language and what we saw at the Capitol,” Williams pushed back.

“You just proved my point,” Gutfeld replied, as Williams turned to the next topic.